Is this because the large brokerages have lost their focus on the client?

A new J.D. Power and Associates study suggests that customer satisfaction with real estate companies is falling among home buyers and sellers. In fact, the study—in its fifth year—suggests that home buyer satisfaction with real estate companies, in particular, is at its lowest level recorded. Seller satisfaction is also down this year, according to the 2012 Home Buyer/Seller Satisfaction Study of more than 2,700 home buyers and sellers.

The study measures customer satisfaction with the largest real estate companies, factoring in views over the salesperson, office, and service. 

So what’s gotten customers so unhappy lately? Some real estate companies may be taking the blame from sellers and buyers for the reality of the real estate market, in which qualifying for a loan is tougher, home values have fallen the last few years, and low inventories of for-sale homes are making the choices sometimes slim for buyers.